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Security guard service company in Dhaka
Welcome to Piyal Security Service Ltd.

Trusted Security Guard Service Company in Uttara, Dhaka

Looking for a security guard company in Dhaka Bangladesh? Call us today to ensure the highest safety for your home office, business, and property with our well-trained, experienced, and organized security services. We are Bangladesh's most prominent, trustworthy, reputable, and devoted security service and instrument providers, serving a valued customer base for years.

Our premier guard service provides highly experienced, competent, and energetic guards in Dhaka, Bangladesh. For our physical security, background screening, and commercial investigation, we have been recognized as one of the best security guard services in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and we are honored for that.

Professional Security Services | All Over Bangladesh

Physical Security

Protects people and property from any harm and danger by ensuring safety.

Cash in Transit

Highly secure physical transfer of credit cards, banknotes, coins, and valuable items.

Security Equipment

We offer a large amount of equipment for identification, protection, surveillance, and detection.

Executive Protection

We can ensure the top-notch safety of VIPs or other individuals on demand.

Security Consultancy

Pinpoint vulnerabilities of your place in threatening and typical situation.

Commercial Investigation

An investigation into a company to uncover potential fraud or risks.

Security Training

Security experts train organizations and groups to identify and reduce potential risks.

Event Security Management

High-security protection can supply for small to significant events.

A Uniformed Security Guard

We've Experienced Guards with Proper Training

We specialize in providing dependable and strong protection services to customers in the commercial, industrial, residential, corporate, leisure, and event sectors. We have worked in these industries for over a decade.

We can achieve our goals with an impressive track record and a talented workforce. With a remarkable history of handling assignments and providing bespoke solutions that fit your particular requirements, we come strongly recommended by our customers and partners.

Best Security Guard Service in Dhaka

Business Security Guard Service in Dhaka

Business Security undoubtedly is an essential part of your business plan because it helps halt, detect, and respond to possible threats to your office, factory, or property safety.

Only trained security guards can protect your organization's assets from dangerous situations and reduce property damage, especially in Dhaka and other major cities of Bangladesh. Keeping all these harmful factors in mind, we strongly ensure the property protection, VIP protection, industrial protection, and other applicable destinations. If you need such security guard service in Dhaka, Piyal security will be the best choice for you.

We ensure a long-term secured service to ensure maximum protection to our clients.

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Why Piyal Security Services Ltd

Why Piyal Security Services Ltd.

  1. Piyal Security earned its reputation through long years of experience and practical training, provided by the best-trained staff.
  2. Our security guards are carefully selected and well-trained to satisfy our customers' needs.
  3. Moreover, we facilitate our customers in fine-tuning surveillance programs to address their site's issues to ensure accountability and incredible talent from the defender supervisors.
  4. A company like Piyal Security guard service can significantly personalize threat protection its customers, which no other company can do.
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Piyal Security provides best, trusted and capable security guard service in Dhaka.

Trustworthy Security Guard Provider in Uttara Residential Model Town, Dhaka.

Piyal security offers a full-fledged security system for your home and property.

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