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The Best Training Academy To Train Guards in Bangladesh

Training is the most crucial element for security guards to perform well on their duty. Without proper training, they can't be efficient to provide security for their clients.

Keeping this in mind, Piyal Security Services Ltd. gives its top priority and utmost effort to train their security guards. Here, we arrange different training sessions for the recruited guards.

They’re trained by Retired Army JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) and NCO (Non-Commissioned Officer) in our training academy. This training from the senior professionals in the field makes us the best security service providers in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

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We Have Top-Notch Training Curriculum For Our Security Guards

In our training curriculum, we provide modern equipped training to our guards. We don't rely on the old training system, which is not timely for the present world. Here is what our training consists of –

Security And Protection

Firstly we make sure our students understand the concept of security and protection very well. It also includes understanding odd duties and responsibilities, sound manners, behavior and etiquette, loyalty to the client, and punishment for violating rules and regulations.

Physical Training

In physical training, they learn about physical fitness training, quick reflex action, personal hygiene, smart turnout, fire drill, action on theft or robbery etc.

Register Maintenance

Technical training includes fire alarm management, using a fire extinguisher, Generator and Electric Meter management and maintenance, Water supply maintenance, etc.

Technical Training

Here, they learn how to maintain a residence or an institution's register.

Emergency Training

In this part, they learn about Search Techniques (Body and Goods), First Aid in a critical situation, Parking & Traffic, Communication with everyone and Crowd Control.

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Piyal Security provides best, trusted and capable security guard service in Dhaka.

Trustworthy Security Guard Provider in Uttara Residential Model Town, Dhaka.

Piyal security offers a full-fledged security system for your home and property.

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