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When it comes to safety, Piyal Security takes no chances. They go above and beyond to make sure that all of their guards and employees are well-versed in their jobs and trustworthy.

Our trainers provide instruction and briefings on security professionals' fundamental roles and responsibilities. Our security staff knows the industrial and commercial sectors' responsibilities and duties.

We concentrate our efforts on several critical areas, including security training, personal competency, professionalism, strategic efficiency, motivation, recruitment, and supportive supervision. In the training section, we provide certain mandatory training that they must complete.

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Fitness Training

Fitness Training

Physical fitness goals for security officials increase personal and organizational well-being. Physically fit security guards are less willing to be physically inspected. Whenever security officers must run a separation, dash up a flight of stairs, or physically defend themselves, physically fit security guards can carry up the strength and stamina required to defeat an attacker and withstand the encounter.

Classroom Training

Classroom Training

Our Classroom Training Program is designed to provide the skills and talents necessary to operate expertly in the field of safety, which is constantly on the lookout for new assets to add to its roster.

Emergency Level First Aid Training

Emergency Level First Aid Training

First Aid Training has been provided to increase confidence, capacity, and readiness to assist in a crisis. Our security guards are always prepared for an emergency, fully ready to handle any fire event, and provide immediate aid to victims.

Self-Defense Training

Self-Defense Training

Self-defense training prepares our guards to deal with unexpected situations and, in addition, it improves their mental and physical well-being by increasing their confidence.

Life Safety Training

Life Safety Training

By providing life safety training for security guards, we can meet your needs so that they are ready to deal with situations like fire or risk response when the need arises.

Why Is Our Security Training So Popular

Piyal Security professionals are well-trained and equipped to respond to a wide range of crises and hazards. We have well-equipped training facilities staffed by qualified instructors. Also;

  • All employees must undergo mandatory pre-assignment, post-assignment, on-job training, retraining, supervision training in emergencies, evacuation protocols, first aid, armed training, unarmed fighting, etc.
  • Piyal Security maintains and executes a complete safety policy. All personnel is sufficiently insured against the uncertainty that may arise from operating in hazardous locations, under bad conditions, etc. It has an excellent safety record with no significant occurrences.
  • Our security professionals are appropriately trained and equipped to deal with and respond to various crises and potential threats. We offer appropriately equipped training centers staffed by qualified instructors.
  • Piyal Security provides the mandated training for all security protectors, such as; refresher courses and supervisory courses on emergency evacuation techniques, unarmed combat, first aid handling, and other similar issues.

The Importance of Security Training Should not be Overlooked

You should be aware of security training because you must hire someone who has been appropriately trained and has the necessary knowledge to handle a hazardous situation.

Security guards interact with the general public, and security personnel frequently interact with members of the general public. Whether you decide to hire a security guard or not, he must be familiar with guiding principles for public interaction.

Security guards must be entangled in potentially dangerous situations. When trouble arises, security guards are constantly called in to respond with force or deal with difficult situations. Training ensures that they will be capable of de-escalating a condition and effectively preventing a violent or dangerous consequence.

They must be familiar with the law. When working in the area of security, the security guards must understand what they should and should not be legally permitted to do. Security guards may be armed with firearms, and they carry guns in addition to identity cards. As a result, security guards require proper training on how to do so safely.

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