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Best & Reliable Security Protection Services in Dhaka

Through training, our highly competent, polite, and well-instructed managers and security guards will be able to fulfill your day-to-day security demands with expertise, awareness, and high standards. All security-related services are provided by Piyal Security Services Limited in Dhaka and throughout Bangladesh.

Piyal can supply you with a countrywide security solution that is tailored to your specific requirements. Personnel from the ex-military, police, militia, and skilled civilians make up our operations team. We are confident in providing our clients with the best degree of security and safety since we have a well-trained, well-motivated, and highly competent staff.

Protect Your Home, Office & Industry with Our Security Services

Physical Security

Protects people and property from any harm and danger by ensuring safety.

Cash in Transit

Highly secure physical transfer of credit cards, banknotes, coins, and valuable items.

Security Equipment

We offer a large amount of equipment for identification, protection, surveillance, and detection.

Executive Protection

We can ensure the top-notch safety of VIPs or other individuals on demand.

Security Consultancy

Pinpoint vulnerabilities of your place in threatening and typical situation.

Commercial Investigation

An investigation into a company to uncover potential fraud or risks.

Security Training

Security experts train organizations and groups to identify and reduce potential risks.

Event Security Management

High-security protection can supply for small to significant events.

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Why Chooses Our Services?

Because our manpower has the following qualities that make us like it.

  • Receive high-quality training.
  • Devoted to the country.
  • Rationality.
  • Leader and member of the team.
  • Communication abilities are exceptional.
  • Exceptional fitness and strength.
  • Life has value and ought to be respected.
  • Educated and trained professionals.
  • Preparedness & honesty.
  • Quick reflection on any incident.
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Concerns We Serve in Bangladesh

  • Factories and industries.
  • Financial institutions.
  • Offices and organizations.
  • Private and government property.
  • Companies with a global presence.
  • Embassy of a foreign country.
  • Megastores and retail stores are two different types of stores.
  • Shopping complexes and malls.
  • Residences.
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Piyal Security provides best, trusted and capable security guard service in Dhaka.

Trustworthy Security Guard Provider in Uttara Residential Model Town, Dhaka.

Piyal security offers a full-fledged security system for your home and property.

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